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Re-Branding: Agility Feat

Starting from the core

When it comes to the re-branding of any organization, no matter how big or small, taking a deeper look at core values is key.

Back in mid 2012 this is exactly what we did internally at Agility Feat. As our company grew, newer ideas and principles were reshaping our core values.

First Thing's First:

We Are Entrepreneurs

a mindset that makes a difference.
“There is something special about a team that shares the same principles. Especially when these shape how we work and approach challenges.” - Arin Sime C.E.O. -


Starting a new idea with the right inspiration is always important. Our logo was inspired by DNA strands and growth curves.
DNA: Something we all share but at the same time something that makes us unique.
GROWTH CURVE: Aiming to increase value over time and with everything we do.


Defining the right

color palette

For our new color palette we have decided to go from a red tone to a green tone, signifying growth.



We decided to go for a mix of bold and light fonts.

Putting it all together

“Unveiling our new logo and brand image internally was a very exiting time for us. Its amazing how a change in design can have such a big impact.” - David Alfaro C.R. Operations Chief -

Hello World!

Transferring our new image onto the web

The Takeaway:

the good, the bad and the ugly.

Changing your brand can be SCARY. We had important decisions to make because we needed to better showcase our TALENTS. We did not want to settle for how we were presenting ourselves before, and so the change was worth the risk.

Now our look reflects WHO WE ARE and what we do. It shows PASSION and that's what we are all about.

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