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@PV webinar video on Customer Development

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Arin Sime

@PV webinar video on Customer Development

Yesterday the AgilityFeat team hosted a webinar with Patrick Vlaskovits, co-author of The Entrepreneurs Guide to Customer Development and the upcoming “The Lean Entrepreneur”. Patrick will be leading a workshop on customer development at AgilityFeat’s upcoming DareToBeLean workshop in Costa Rica (come join us!).

After we gave an introduction to DareToBeLean, Patrick shared some insights with us from The Lean Entrepreneur that he is co-authoring with Brant Cooper. We discussed a number of great topics, such as how to apply customer development to sustaining vs disruptive innovation, defining your market and customer segment, strategies for testing your product pricing, and more.

You can watch the full video below. We had some minor technical difficulties that lead to a less than smooth transition from us to Patrick in the webinar, but don’t hold that against him. This is just further proof that I’m a software developer, not a video editor. ;-) But the content here is really great so I hope you check it out!

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