Agility Feat - Custom Software Development

Meet the commandos

The team you choose to build your product means everything. We understand that you are trusting us with the future of your business, and we have honored that trust by putting together one of the best software teams you will find in Latin America. Our team is filled with excellent User Experience (UX), Design, and Development Commandos. Everyone on our Costa Rica team speaks fluent English, and you will be able to speak with them everyday on Skype.

Arin Sime
Arin Sime C.E.O.
David Alfaro
David Alfaro C.R. Operations Chief
Ford Englander
Ford Englander C.O.O.
Mariana Lopez
Mariana Lopez UX Lead
Daniel Phillips
Daniel Phillips Designer / Identity
Giuliani Perry
Giuliani Perry Scrum Master / Dev.
Lauren Chamberlain
Lauren Sime Quality Analyst
Andrea Phillips
Andrea Phillips Developer
Giancarlo Palavicini
GC Palavicini Developer
Allan Naranjo
Allan Naranjo Developer
Oscar Phillips
Oscar Phillips Developer
Leopoldo Rojas
Leopoldo Rojas Developer
Esteban Cordero
Esteban Cordero Developer
Maynor Taisigüe
Maynor Taisigüe Quality Analyst
Jean Lescure
Jean Lescure Development Lead
Helmy Giacoman
Helmy Giacoman Developer
Marco Pacheco
Marco Pacheco Developer
Ariel Diaz
Ariel Diaz Developer
Carlos Aguilar
Carlos Aguilar Developer
Néstor Bermudez
Néstor Bermudez Developer
Jerónimo Martinez
Jerónimo Martinez
Santiago Traversa
Santiago Traversa
Nahum Fabian
Nahum Fabian
Germán Goldenstein
Germán Goldenstein
Andrea Phillips working with a client Arin Sime, Dave Haeffner, and David Alfaro at a coffee plantation in Costa Rica Ford Englander in Boston on a client call Arin Sime speaking at the Ignite Lean Startup 2012 conference Mariana Lopez working on UX with one of our clients David Alfaro working with one of our teams

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