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Are you an Entreprenuer looking to scope out a product idea? Our Product Consultations are a great way to kickstart your business. We bring our Commando expertise to your business idea to provide you with technical analysis, lean start-up advice and actionable next steps. Our team will meet with you to discuss your business idea including our experts in UX, design, development and business strategy. After our initial call, we will provide you with a summary that may include the following...

You will get...


  • List of assumptions to validate/test
  • Target segment for customer interviews
  • Intros to people and tech resources
  • Competitive considerations
  • Recommendations for building your product
  • FOR MVPs

  • UX implementation best practices
  • Customer Development strategies
  • Platform considerations
  • Landing page to help you test your idea
  • Contact us for your Product Consultation!

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