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Our team of Costa Rican commandos loves to design beautiful and usable software. We do the complete UX and Visual Design, and then we can also implement those designs. Our team has expertise in Ruby on Rails, Python, nodejs, HTML5, mobile, and more. But we think that equally important to our technical expertise is how we work with you. We work in small iterations, delivering value frequently, and most importantly, we work with you on your ideas. We want to help you prototype and test your concepts and come up with something that your users will absolutely love. We know you'll be very happy with our team. Here's a few examples of our work.

Real Time Development

We have expertise in real time frameworks like WebRTC, PubNub, WebSockets, and more

Our team has designed and built real-time web and responsive applications for a variety of industries including logisitics, education, music, and collaboration/training. We are experts in this area, and our team is behind and, and we have spoken at multiple conferences on real time technologies.

We have built real-time applications using Node.js, Rails, Python, all with a heavy dose of HTML5 and Javascript. Check out the showcase below for video demos of our products.

See more of our real time showcase


Real time & Responsive design for logistics

Decisiv was looking for a development company in Latin America, but in addition to that they found in AgilityFeat full Design and UX product development services.

Decisiv provides web based tools for trucking and logistics companies to manage the status of vehicles and other assets in their fleets. Their Vision product requires a real time data dashboard utilizing a responsive design that could be used on a variety of devices and screen resolutions to ensure the best user experience possible from the corporate headquarters all the way out to a disabled vehicle on the side of the road.

AgilityFeat combined Responsive design with Ruby on Rails, real time messaging using PubNub, and web services to create a scalable and beautiful product for web and mobile use.

Check out the case study PubNub wrote on our work!


How's this for a client success story? We're very proud of our client and friends at nPulse Technologies who were acquired for $60 million by FireEye. Read more on our blog

nPulse Technologies provides a very powerful network packet capture and analysis tool to large enterprises. Their HammerHead system provides real-time full packet capture with zero loss and write-to-disk speed of 20Gbps. That's fast!

Their users needed a more advanced administration tool to control the HammerHead servers, check on their status, and report on the data. AgilityFeat worked with their development team to build a highly responsive administration site which communicates with the deployed services via web services and provides real time charting and data analysis.

This project was done in the python programming language with a heavy dose of Dojo javascript and Ajax calls.

Visit the nPulse home page

Lithespeed - Sensei

Sensei is a real time agile retrospective tool

Retro what? Ok, let's back up. Retrospectives are a very important part of agile software development processes, where the team gathers at the end of every sprint to consider how they've done in the last two weeks, and how they can do even better in the next two weeks.

Lithespeed contracted AgilityFeat to build Sensei, which is an online tool with real time collaboration and gamification built in to keep your widely distributed team on task during their retrospectives.

Sensei was built in Ruby on Rails, with a heavy dose of HTML5, ajax, and real time messaging built in.

Visit the Sensei Tool site


Digital image and usability

Teachstone hit a common challenge for a company that has outlasted the "startup" label. After building a successful business model of online certifications and courses, Teachstone realized that the original PHP web site and design were no longer scaleable and did not have consistent branding.

The AgilityFeat team led an assessment of their current design, brand, user experience, and technical architecture. We conducted extensive interviews with stakeholders, and helped them create a product backlog of major initiatives. Now we are implementing those designs in Ruby on Rails, and with each new release Teachstone is leaving the legacy system further behind. See the video

Learn more about the Teachstone project


Real Time UX and WebRTC Development for music recording

Pickasound is a revolutionary site that enables musicians to collaborate on musical ideas by recording directly in the browser. The social collaboration platform combines networking tools and recording features to power the exchange of aural ideas, free of geographic boundaries.

Pickasound needed a team to develop the site from concept to production. Building on the founder's early mockups and ideas, AgilityFeat developed the UX, design and functionality for the site. The project was developed using WebRTC and a single developer, demonstrating the promise of WebRTC to build complex applications quickly.

The project was built with Node.JS and uses WebRTC to record audio.

Take a look at Pickasound


Building an MVP the Lean Startup way

In 2014 we worked with Steph Hay, a leader in the Washington DC Lean Startup community, to build a Minimum Viable Product of her social stats tracking tool for Cross Fit exercisers.

The application was built in Node.js and MongoDB, with Facebook integration. We worked with Steph to build the MVP iteratively so she could show it to prospective users and learn more about what they would like to see in her product. At the beginning of the project, we also worked with her on brainstorming around a number of business ideas she had before deciding which to pursue initially.

Try out Tougher.Me


Starting From The Core

AgilityFeat started as an experiment in distributed agile development in Latin America. But as we built our team we realized that we are much more than a nearshore outsourcing company. We have evolved into a full service product development company with UX and Visual Design capabilities teamed up with great front end development.

But our old Wordpress website and brand didn't reflect this evolution. So we applied our UX and design skill sets to ourselves. We rebuilt our website and our brand to accurately reflect our passions and talents.

See how we did it